True North IT Remote Support Tools

What you need to know to get the best value from the True North IT Remote Support Tools

Here at True North IT we take a proactive approach to maintaining and updating your business’s technology. It’s our goal to prevent emergencies before they happen and to be able to respond right away when support needs do arise. That’s why we have invested in the best remote IT support tools available for Macs, PCs, and servers. All of our clients will have access to these premium features from the moment they sign on with True North IT. Submit a support ticket, have a conversation with our support team, or get your computer fixed remotely by one of our technicians using this pre-installed software.

Automatic Remote Updates

Don’t fret about keeping your operating system and business applications up-to-date. Our professional support staff will automatically update all of your company’s machines using our remote IT support software. These tools also allow us to monitor for disk errors to help predict and prevent future drive failures.

Remote IT Support Sessions

When your staff members are experiencing issues on their work desktop or laptop computers, they can quickly and conveniently submit a support ticket. Whether your employee is in the office, working from home, or traveling our professional IT support staff will be able to pull a profile on their machine to diagnose issues without disrupting the user’s workflow. We can also launch a chat or remote IT support session, in which a member of our support staff can take over operations of a machine to troubleshoot and resolve problems.

IT Intelligence for your Small Business

Pulling company-wide and machine specific reports is easy for True North IT clients using our remote IT support software. What versions of the operating systems does everyone have? How old are each of the computers? How much memory is left on each machine? How much space is left on your server? Request reports of this data and more on any of the desktops, laptops, and servers associated with your small business.

Remote Access to Your Business

Access your business resources from anywhere in the world! Using our remote support tools the True North IT staff can help you (or any of your employees) access to their desktop or laptop computer from anywhere. Working from home or traveling away from the office and forgot to send your presentation slides or important notes? We can help!

Could your Boulder/Denver area small business benefit from the convenience of remote IT support? Click to learn more about managed IT support services from True North IT.