Managed Services: Expect More From Your IT Support

Managed services offer relationship-based IT support

If you own a small business you’re constantly thinking about how to improve operations, reduce costs, and improve results. Your technology plays a crucial role in the equation. Systems and software allow you to communicate with clients more efficiently, execute projects more precisely, and deliver results within tighter timeframes. You need your business technology infrastructure to perform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When software glitches or the internet goes down you have two options; spend hours on telephone customer support lines trying to fix it internally or call a local IT support company that will charge you hourly to find a solution. Managed services offer small business owners a new option! Keep your tech team on call with relationship-based IT support from True North IT.

What are Managed Services?

At True North IT we believe that IT Support should go beyond hourly break-and-fix solutions. Managed Services provide customers with on-going, relationship-based IT Support, meaning your technology is our concern, so you can focus on what’s important within your organization.

Relationship-Based Customer Service

From the beginning, we will take the time necessary to truly get to know your technology systems; software, hardware, network demands, client expectations, and workflow. We will objectively make suggestions to help improve your systems, whether that’s increasing internet speed, facilitating critical software integrations, or upgrading your internal phone systems. This relationship-based IT Support approach allows us to address potential errors in your system before they become an emergency.

Remote Monitoring Tools for Updates & Support

True North IT will implement our custom remote monitoring tools on each device in your company. This allows us to facilitate automatic updates without disrupting your workflow. We can monitor and update your machine remotely from our office in downtown Boulder, CO. Have a support request? Use the True North IT program to submit a support ticket and get a response from one of our agents in less than 15 minutes.

Fixes come FREE with Managed Services

When small glitches do arise within your systems, don’t fret the cost of an hourly support bill. All of your system fixes and updates are already covered by the cost of your package. When support issues occur, True North IT guarantees a response from our support team within an hour, though we are typically working to resolve your issue in less than 15 minutes. Most issues are resolved remotely within minutes and when needed we will urgently deploy a support team to your office.